women’s rucksack & backpack

Planning  A Trip? Here’s How To Choose The Perfect Women’s Rucksack & Backpack

So, you’ve decided you want a women’s backpack but have no idea where to begin the search. In this article you’ll learn about all the aspects that you should consider while choosing the right rucksack & backpack for women. Being a female traveller it becomes even more crucial for you to select the right kind of backpack for yourself.


Knowing what size is right for your backpack can be one of the hardest parts of shopping for one. You´ve got to have realistic expectations about how much you want to pack and going beyond 65L may restrict you  getting your backpack onto an airplane.

You could choose to get a 30 to 35 litre backpack which will prevent you from packing too much. You should consider everything that  you will be packing in your backpack like- a women’s bag or purse to factor the full weight of the rucksack.

Minimalist Size Women’s Backpack, Up to 29L

If you want to travel ultralight or want to carry your backpack as hand luggage, this is the size you want to choose. It will come to around 7 kilos. You can find these kind of backpacks in various styles and cool prints at Sprayground.

Carry-On Size Women’s Backpack, 30-55L

This is one of the most common backpack sizes available in the market. If you want to avoid baggage and travel light this is the backpack you want. You can get this backpack in various styles with Sprayground.

60L or Higher Size Women’s Backpack

The biggest advantage of having a larger backpack is that you can prepare for carrying a lot of items on the road. You can take such backpack on hiking trips. Check out 60L backpacks of various cool style and features with Sprayground.


Deciding on what features you need in your women’s backpack is another very important thing that you should keep in your mind which choosing your rucksack or backpack. The trick is to think about the capacity you’ll be using it in and how often you will be carrying it around.

  • Duffel capabilityIf you’re prone to back pains this is the kind of women’s bag that you would want to take on your expeditions. With these bags you have the option of rolling instead of carrying.
  • Add on daypacksThink about all the compartments you’d want in your backpack, including laptop, camera or even skateboard. Check out Spraygrounds utility backpacks with multiple compartments.
  • Front loading vs. top loadingIf you will have a lot of packing and unpacking to do, then this is just the women’s backpack you’ll need. It is important to know the loading features of your backpack. Remember that one access point means you’ll have to take everything out to look for that one little item.
  • Cords for sleeping bags and tents
    If you are planning to go camping, you may want to have cords, with your sleeping bags and tents attached to your backpack.
  • External pocketsHaving various pockets for extra knickknacks can be helpful. So, alway check if you have enough pockets in your backpack.
  • Camelback hookupsA hookup for your Camelback bladder is a nice touch, if not completely essential. Many backpacks have a pouch to hold the bladder and a cord that you wrap the valve through, making it easy to stay hydrated while carrying your backpack.