A backpack that lasts

A backpack that lasts
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Durability and quality

If you are tired of constantly having to replace your backpack because of all the wear and tear it suffers, than perhaps you might have to rethink your buying process and pay more attention to the bag’s characteristics making sure it is in sync with your lifestyle, location and needs.

Choose the right backpack and it should last forever (or at least a very long time!). All it takes is a little time to research your options before you actually go into the store and once there, take your time inspecting them.

You might consider it a bother to invest so much time and effort in just choosing a backpack but if you are in the quest for an item that will last the long haul, it needs to be done. The research will have paid off when you realise 5 years have gone by and your bag is still going strong.

Quality doesn´t come cheap

Durability is intimately linked to quality in terms of bags and practically everything else in life. Backpacks that are meant to last are crafted using materials of the highest quality, performance and endurance. This is the only way they will pass the test of time.

Bear in mind that quality articles are seldom cheap (unless on sale). So be prepared to spend perhaps a bit more than you originally thought to get that backpack that will last a lifetime. Consider it an investment that will definitely pay off if done wisely.


The material of which your bag is made should be able to resist not only time but the environment as well as the weight of the stuff it is destined to carry. This is essential when in search of outdoor and/or travel backpacks so you should look for bags made of a very resistant fabric.

Polyester is one of the most used fabrics in backpack confection because it has several points in its favour such as being water resistant and available in different densities to suit different needs. For example, if you need a good duffle bag to carry your gear to practice your favourite sport or go away for the weekend, something along the lines of 900D would be just perfect. That means the fabric is heavy and offers the needed strand strength to hold all your belongings. If you will just carry your notebooks and tablet, than a 600D fabric might suffice.

The density of the fabric also allows it to repel water. Polyester is great at this since water just rolls off it and is not immediately absorbed as with cotton for instance. It also dries quite quickly, which will avoid your bag getting musty and gross.


Zippers are one of the features that you must be on the lookout for when choosing a durable backpack. Poor quality zippers are easily damaged rendering your backpack useless. It could make opening and closing your bag more difficult than necessary, hindering it from being locked or catching inner seams  in its teeth that will eventually shorten its usable lifespan and that of your bag.

Search for nylon zippers with plastic or metal teeth. They tend to be more durable. Although if you plan on getting wet a lot, a plastic tooth zipper might be your best bet as there is no danger of rusting.

Also be aware of the stitching that holds the zipper to your bag. It should be intricate and sturdy so as not to come easily undone. Who wants a backpack with torn seams?


Shoulder or hand straps are also quite susceptible to tear. Make sure the sewing and thread material is sturdy and well done. In this case, double-stitching is something to definitely look for. The straps on your bag will also last longer if you don’t overstuff it with loads if it wasn´t designed to carry. If you do need to transport heavy gear, then consider a backpack with padded, adjustable straps that will make carrying your load much more comfortable.

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