Bag for men

Buying guide for the perfect messenger bag for men

When it comes to selecting an accessory that’s both practical and cool, messenger bags for men are always a safe bet. These bags come in various shapes and sizes but are typically large enough to accommodate a guy’s most frequently used possessions; like his can of spray paint, his course books, and other gadgets.

So, are you planning to buy a messenger bag but finding it difficult to understand which kind will best suit your requirements? Well, this article is going to guide you through your decision of buying the perfect messenger bag for men.  

Why do you need a messenger bag?

Messenger bags are an awesome addition to your bag line-up because they provide quick access to your stuff, extremely portable, durable and are usually much more water resistant than other bags.

However, they are neither as comfortable as most travel backpacks nor can they carry as much stuff.

Also, they often cost more than laptop bags and can be heavier than purses.

So, you’ll actually have to weigh up your requirements before you purchase a messenger bag for men. There are various styles from where you can pick depending on your lifestyle. Before buying you have to keep in mind what are the things that you carry on a daily basis, how do you commute to work/college etc…

Types of Messenger bags for men


  1. The Satchel
    Pretty much like briefcases, satchels are defined by the presence of two vertical straps for the buckles which help close the bag. Apart from that, they can vary in terms of size, style, and design. It gives a semi-formal look and is a common choice among working professionals.
  2. The Vertical Messenger Bag
    Less in width and more in height, the vertical messenger bag is the unlike the typical men’s messenger bags by style. So, if you want to stand apart from the crowd, this is the perfect choice for you. However, like regular messenger bags, they too come in various styles and fabrics including canvas and leather.
  3. The Briefcase
    The chief attribute of these men’s messenger bags is the fact that they are always made up of leather. Also, what makes it different from other kinds of leather bags for men is its retro schoolboy-inspired design. With a leather briefcase feature as a frontal flap and one or two buckle straps for fastening the bag shut these bags will make you look suave.
  4. The Saddle Bag
    Saddle bag style messenger bags for men are very similar to satchels with rounded shaped frontal flap. Originally, this design element was introduced to create the bags that are easier to wear by horseback riders. However, nowadays, they’re in fashion just because they look cool.
  5. The Multi-Pocket Organizer
    If practicality is what you’re looking for, then your best choice is to go for a multi-pocket organizer messenger bag. These bags were initially used by utility workers, and also worn by hunters and fishermen. The outer pockets makes it easy to organize and keep your belongings within reach.

Which material to choose for the men’s messenger bag?

As you can easily tell from the above section, men’s messenger bags are typically made out of these two materials:

  • Canvas Messenger Bags
    Light to medium weight messenger bags made up of canvas material are versatile and vary in style. Also, they are usually quite inexpensive. Fabrics used for canvas bags are usually cotton, hemp or linen. They are easy to wash, quite durable and you can use them for a long time. They come in various styles, colour and patterns, so you can actually consider building your very own collection. The only set back is that canvas messenger bags are not water proof and so you’ve to keep weather conditions under check before walking out of your house with one of them.
  •  Leather Messenger Bags
    Leather bags are high quality, stylish and durable. Bags made out of original leather can out last generations. That is one of the reasons why vintage designs are still in fashion to give the retro look. Aged leather is a highly sought after look. Various shades of brown are used to create messenger bags. They give an extremely formal look and is an obvious choice for working professionals.

What size men’s messenger bag should you buy?

Since you’ll never get a clear cut answer to such a question, so here are a few things you need to consider, when selecting a specific size of messenger bag:

  • Your height and built
    What is important is to choose a messenger bag that is suitable to your body type than to just have one that is trendy. The rule of thumb is to maintain proportions. For a short and stocky body a medium sized vertical bag is perfect. It won’t make you appear little. You can go for a larger bag if you are tall.
  • Your typical load
    This is one of the most important things that you have to consider before you buy your messenger bag. If you carry both your laptop and books and other stuff on a daily basis you would want to go for a comparatively bigger bag than the usual.
  • Your personal style
    If you are not someone who likes to carry a bag around most of the time, then you wouldn’t want to invest in an expensive bag but go for one that will just serve the purpose of a bag than an accessory. Find yourself a lightweight, comfortable and durable messenger bag.

Now that you know all aspects of a men’s messenger bag you can buy the perfect one for yourself. Check out the range of Men’s messenger bags from Sprayground UK.