Best laptop backpack

Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Laptop Backpack

When you have to carry around a laptop, multiple textbooks, notebooks and other essential items across the campus everyday, you will start to develop shoulder and back problems if you don’t have one of the best laptop backpacks. Hence, it is very important that you carry a good protective and padded laptop backpack that is.

Also, who says you must compromise on style when choosing one of the best laptop backpacks for your school or college? However, there are other things that a good backpack should do other than just protecting your back or making you look stylish. It should also keep your things organized and your laptop safe.

The right backpack has the potential to become the most sophisticated and useful accessory you own. So, let’s find out what should you consider before buying a backpack

Quality comes first while choosing your laptop backpack

Probably there is a bag made out of every material under the sun. However, we’re going to stick to the favourites: canvas, leather, nylon and linen.

  • Canvas laptop backpacks 

    Canvas is like an everyday staple material. It is easy to clean and extremely durable with a masculine density to it. If you are to pick a classic colour like beige, brown, army green or just a structured black, it looks great on a backpack. Even if you think it gives a more casual and informal look, it actually ups your street cred. and is absolutely acceptable in straight edged offices. 

  • Leather laptop backpacks 

    You can’t deny that leather backpacks are probably the most obvious choice for anyone wanting to make a transition from a traditional briefcase to a backpack. You can choose dark colors to give the professional look but there are also cool bright colours for young people or women for a laptop backpack. 

  • Nylon laptop backpacks 

    Don’t underestimate nylon for it’s a premium material. If you can find a satin like sheen in your backpack, you´ve struck gold. High quality nylon has a luxe detail that is a great choice if you want to flaunt style with your laptop backpack. 

  • Linen laptop backpacks 

    Linen material laptop backpacks are also very trendy. They’re lightweight and it goes with almost anything. Linen backpacks are good choice for summers.

Pick the right size for your laptop backpack

The first question to ask yourself while choosing the size is- what is the purpose of your laptop backpack? Do you need it just to carry your laptop or will you have a lot of other stuff too? Another important thing that you should know when you want to buy a laptop backpack is the the size of your laptop.

You must have noticed that women’s backpacks have reduced in size a lot  recently. That’s because style is significant right now, with most brands. Apart from adorable this also means that you’ll be carrying less and putting less strain on our shoulders.

However, men are still choosing to carry all their stuff in just one backpack. They want a laptop backpack in which they can put in all their day to day items, maybe their gym kit or even a night’s stay. If you’re into skating Sprayground laptop backpacks even has a special compartment for your skateboard.

If you’re travelling daily to and from work, it is good to carry a slim backpack that is light to carry but also big enough to carry your stuff. Sprayground has made the world’s slimmest backpack that has enough space not just for your laptop but other things that you’ll need. It is a great alternative for your briefcase.

Laptop backpacks for worker, walker, commuter, skater or cyclist

Think about how your average journey looks. You will have to decide depending on how you’ll use your new backpack on a daily basis.

If you’re taking the train, you’ll have to take your backpack on and off too. So, choose a laptop backpack that has a good set of top handles, also preferably two padded hand grips so that you can carry your backpack like a briefcase too. You can find such backpacks with Sprayground too.

If you’re a cyclist, you should choose a backpack style that is tightly gripped against your back, so that while you’re zipping through the traffic your backpack is safely attached to your back.

Last but not least, a set of padded  shoulder straps is  amust. They help to distribute the weight across your upper body, so that you can run, cycle or even skate while you commute with your laptop backpack.