Got post covid wanderlust? Those green list destinations looking all too tempting? No matter what the motive is this summer - staycations, baecations or just a vacay - we have the ultimate accessories to keep you travelling in style.  


Once you have the Henny Black Travel Case in your life, you'll never want to travel without it.  The black checkerboard pattern is bold yet a timeless piece, that will elevate all your travel fits no matter what the motive. Made with vegan leather, this unisex travel case has a super soft leather exterior and a lightweight finish, making it super comfortable and easy to transport on trips away. This bag was designed for maximum storage, as well as a handy zippable front pocket - ideal for stashing those items you want to keep handy like antibacterial gels and your Sprayground masks. The detachable strap means that the bag can be swung over the shoulder for when you need to move quickly (ideal for those airport dashes), or be carried by hand for a smarter finish. For those who prefer nude and warm tones, the Henny Brown Travel Case is ideal, and will add that extra finesse to your fits whenever you are on the go (Ibiza, anyone?!) 

Make a splash this summer with the iconic Camokawa Wave Shark backpack, the perfect companion for every adventure. Inspired by 'The Great Wave', which was created by Japanese artist Hokusai, this backpack features a  brown checkerboard camouflage pattern underlay which contrasts beautifully against a vibrant blue wave - making this a serious statement piece. In signature Sprayground style, the SG logo is printed beneath the wave, creating an inventive twist on the classic print. Made of vegan leather, meaning not only does this piece check all the style boxes but is both cruelty-free and water-resistant. This backpack features a slide through the sleeve which ensures it's easy to travel with as well as a small pocket at the front of the bag which is ideal for storing travel essentials you need quick access to such as sunglasses or change. 

No travel wardrobe is complete without a stylish crossbody, so allow us to introduce you to The International Travel Patches crossbody. Crossbodies have become synonymous with street style, and this piece will take your travel fits to the next level. The perfect journey companion, this crossbody is the perfect size for carrying essential items. Ideal for travellers who like to keep a close eye on their important goods or need access quickly, this crossbody is both lightweight and made in a water-resistant finish. The signature checkerboard print is covered in travel patches, making it a versatile piece that can dress up the simplest of fits. The adjustable piece means this crossbody can be worn over jumpers or jackets making it an ideal accessory to transport you across seasons. Style this piece with bold, bright layers to make an impact, or keep it chill by teaming it with your freshest loungewear set.  

No matter where your post lockdown adventures take you, make sure you are organised for your travels by keeping your accessory game on point.  Check out our Pinterest board on Green List Travel destinations for some serious holiday inspo and be sure to tag us on Instagram in your travel fits (we wanna see those airport outfits looking on point)- we can't wait to see you living your best post lockdown lives!