Your backpack and the city

The urban backpack for the city dweller

Whether you go to the city every day for work, school or play, you’ve got to have a proper bag with you that will carry everything you will need for your commute. There are a myriad of styles, shapes and brands from which you can choose that will get the job done but we’re partial to backpacks. Why? They allow you to transport your stuff from point A to point B while distributing all the weight within evenly and (most importantly) leaving your hands free to deal with any sudden life-changing, Instagram-worthy occurrences that cross your path. Besides, they’re super cool.

Backpacks are more than just a bag for camping or traveling with your friends for the summer. They are a must-have accessory for every urbanite that wants to stand out from the crowd while waiting for the tube or in line for their morning coffee and the best way to carry all the stuff you’ll need to get you through a busy day.

Find the backpack that best meets your needs and matches your personal style and you will have found a best friend . . . of sorts. Choose the wrong backpack and you will be stuck carrying an uncomfortable burden all day that will probably just make you grouchy and tired. So the selection process is crucial to finding the ideal backpack that is functional and fashionable and, above all, comfortable.

Storage and capacity

Know exactly what goes in your backpack every day? Perfect! Then you know the storage capacity that it should have. Think of Goldilocks and always aim for a bag that is just the right size. If it’s too big, it might be uncomfortable carrying it half full and you might be tempted to pack more things than you’ll actually need just to fill the empty space. If it is too small, on the other hand, you probably won’t be able to carry everything you need and important items could be left behind.

Traditionally, backpacks are comprised of an easily-accessible front pocket and then a huge, empty pocket in the back to hold your belongings in one giant mess. Nowadays, a bit more help with organization goes a long way in the shape of storage slots, hidden compartments and useful pockets to carry your laptop, store your phone and have easy access to your sunglasses, for example. It all depends on what you need.

The Straps

Adjustable back straps are a must. Don’t even think of getting a backpack that has fixed straps. Just make sure you re-adjust them on a regular basis as they tend to loosen with use. Mark the spot on the straps on which they are most comfortable so you can make the process easier and get it right every time.

On the days your bag is particularly full, you might feel a bit sore or stiff around the shoulders and back. Mitigate the load by carrying your backpack by its top handle for short or moderate distances (Yes, your backpack should definitely have a top handle!). You might also find it much more comfortable to carry a bag with padded straps that are well sewn into the backpack’s structure. They’ll last longer.

Colors and Design

The variety of colors, patterns, designs and prints that you can find on backpacks is mind boggling. Once again, you have to pick what works best for you. Think of how you usually dress and pick a bag that matches your general style as opposed to how it looks on its own. If you normally dress in black or dark colors, a bright red backpack may not be the best choice, even though you think the color to be fabulous. You’ll definitely stand out due to your eye-catching accessory, but if that is not what you particularly want then it might be best to choose a more subdued item (especially since backpacks cover from 20 to 50% of your visual space).

If you are looking for a backpack fit for work, perhaps more neutral colors are in order, depending on what you do. Gray and black go with practically everything so they might be a good option.

If work isn’t a concern, than go wild and choose whatever captures your fancy. Go for a design that has more edge; that is unique. Maybe something with wings…